About Us

Established in Jan., 2017 by a group of peptide scientists with many years of industrial experience, Zonsen Peplib Biotech Co. Ltd. (Zonsen Biotech) aims to build up a super-sized peptide compound library and provide peptide drug discovery and development services for the global pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

Based on its proprietary technology PICT (Peptide Information Compression Technology), Zonsen Biotech developed a protein/peptide expression platform that allows people to make individual peptide compounds and peptide library of huge capacity in a cost-effective, highly efficient and time-saving fashion. 

This technology could compress the amino acid sequence information of about 500,000,000 peptides into less than 80,000 peptide compounds, hence the total capacity of a peptide library would increase about 6000 times, and the efficiency for the following hit-screening process would improve about 6000 folds as well.

Zonsen Biotech is located in Zhuzhou, a scenery city in central China’s Hunan province. As of 2021, Peplib has successfully raised a total of 320 million yuan after its A+ fundraising.

Our Mission