Not necessary. Since the peptides in our peptide library are lyophilized powders, they are usually very stable even at room temperature. We suggest the shipping could be handled at environment temperature if the estimated transportation time is less than 7 days. However, if the transportation time is above 7 days, it’s better to consider cold chain shipping.

We used affinity chromatography to purify the peptides. 

The cyclization step for each peptide was achieved by intein splicing technology, hence each peptide was cyclized through peptide bond after expression, greatly enhancing the stability. 

The amount of each peptide is about 0.5 mg in each set of peptide library.

We use the following steps to make sure each peptide is correct as designed at the beginning:

1) In the process of recombinant DNA construction for each peptide expression and the subsequent amplification, we repeatedly sequenced the DNA construct and confirmed the sequence information was right.

2) Each peptide after purification went through mass spectrometer to validate the molecular weight was correct.

Currently Zonsen Biotech has the capability to perform many HTS binding assay based on biomolecular interactions and cell-based functional assays. Drug targets such as many GPCRs, ion channels and other membrane receptors/proteins are the major interests.

96 deep well plates are used. Each well has a volume of about 2 ml.

Yes, it’s possible. We will supply a portion of the whole peptide library as requested by our collaborators.

No, this understanding of our complete pentapeptide library is not right. Our complete pentapeptide library contains all of the possible di-, tri-, tetra-, pentapeptide sequences, as well as about 6 million sequence information of each hexa-, hepta-, octa-, …, up to 80-mer peptides. Please refer to the section of Products and Services page of this website for further explanation.