Products and Services

Complete peptide compound library

  • Pentapeptide complete library – currently available, about 75,000 cyclic 80-mer peptide compounds, which contains amino acid sequence information of the following:
  • Hexapeptide complete library – still under construction, about 1,500,000 cyclic 80-mer peptides encoding ~10,000,000,000 peptide sequence information.

Hits, leads and preclinical candidates

We have internal drug discovery team constantly looking for hits, leads and preclinical drug candidates from our peptide libraries. Partial or full rights for those hits, leads and preclinical drug candidates are transferable.

Milestone-based services

Using our proprietary peptide libraries, we offer services from primary screening for hit identification to hit-to-lead, lead optimization services, and further development to preclinical candidates. Drug targets will be exclusively reserved for the client within a certain period of time according to the service agreement.